Bays and estuaries, environmental engineering

Restoring estuaries and wetlands has become a necessity. This is one of Artelia’s specialist fields, and we deploy our expertise in hydrodynamics and sedimentology, our experience of mud flats and wetlands, as well as our mathematical and physical scale modelling facilities to study, explain and implement leading-edge techniques for sustainably restoring and maintaining coastal ecosystems. Artelia is currently implementing several managed realignment projects on the coast of Picardy and in the Orne estuary (France).


A sophisticated hydro-sedimentary model of the critically important Loire estuary (using the Telemac system) was developed in order to define and assess development scenarios for improving the bio-hydro-sedimentary operation of the estuary. Artelia’s maritime engineering team is also assisting the Le Havre and Rouen port authorities with works on the Seine estuary. In Cyprus, Artelia is using mathematical modelling (the Telemac system) to analyse water quality in Limassol marina.

Restoration of the estuarine reach of the river Loire downstream of Nantes

Three-dimensional hydrosedimentary model
Client : GIP Loire Estuaire
Country : France

Date : 2008 - 2013

Services :
  • Development of a hydrosedimentary model forced by the tide, win, waves and river Loire discharge
  • Coupling of friction with the movement of liquid mud in the estuary
  • Calibration of water levels, velocities, salinity, turbidity and mobility of liquid mud over a year
  • Use of the model to study various scenarios

Restoration of the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel

Client : Syndicat Mixte de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel
Country : France

Date : 2008 - 2011

Services :
  • Design and provision of a hydrosedimentary numerical modelling tool

Resoration of the Loire estuary downstream of Nantes

Client : GIP Loire
Country : France (Loire-Atlantique)

Date : 2008 - 2010

Services :
  • Complete design services

Restoration of the Sâane estuary

Client : Syndicat Mixte de la Basse Vallée de la Saane
Country : France (Seine-Maritime)

Date : 2007 - 2009

Services :
  • Hydro-sedimentary study of the function of the beach
  • Study of possible technical solutions
  • Definition of the conditions and management costs related to maintaining the river mouth
  • Environnemental aspects

Somme bay

Experimental depolderisation at Le Hourdel
Client : Direction Départementale de l'Equipement de la Somme
Country : France

Date : 2007 - 2008

Services :
  • Updating knowledge of the mechanisms behind changes at work in the southern sector of the Somme bay
  • Researching and comparing solutions to limit the siltation of channels and restore the site's maritime character of the site
  • Integration into the management plan for this listed site

Restoration of the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel

Client : Ministry of the Environment
Country : France

Date : 1996 - 2002

Services :
  • Environmental baseline situation
  • Mathematical modelling of the outer bay
  • Physical scale modelling of the inner bay
  • Studies of development scenarios
  • Definition of key measures
  • Definition of mitigating measures
  • Assistance to the project Owner up to signing the works contract
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