Commercial ports

Commercial ports have become complex installations, where numerous issues such as protection, shiphandling, traffic, mooring, stability and dredging converge. To ensure efficient operation, Artelia calls on its planning and design experts, who use powerful port operation optimisation tools, and draw on their experience of building, extending and rehabilitating breakwaters, specialised quays, and RoRo and ferry terminals.


Artelia is providing design and construction supervision services for the extensions to the ports of Conakry (Guinea), Calais 2015 and Port Est (France), and assisted Dubai Port World with the construction of a new container terminal in Dakar (Senegal). Artelia’s maritime engineering team recently conducted a preliminary technical and economic study of the ports of San Pedro (Ivory Coast) and Maputo (Mozambique).

Port development project of Brest

Client : Brittany Regional Council
Country : France

Date : 2015 - 2019

Services :
  • Assistance with the organisation, planning and coordination of the operation’s different Owners
  • Spatial coordination assignment
  • Owners’ pro rata account
  • Setting up of a DMS

Port of Nador West Med

Etudes d’exécution
Client : STFA-SGTM-JDN Consortium
Country : Morocco

Date : 2015 - 2017

Services :
  • Alternative solution: initially, proposal of an alternative design that contributed to the consortium winning the tender for the works.
  • Working design studies for maritime and port structures at the new port of Nador:
    - Breakwaters and protection structures 
    - Quays 
    - Three oil tanker berths
    - One multi-bulk cargo berth
    - One Ro-Ro berth

New port at Tema

Client : APMT / Bolloré
Country : Ghana

Date : 2015

Services :
  • Feasibility study and design study
  • Studies on waves, currents and shipping
  • General layout of the port
  • Scheduling of construction
  • Construction method


  • Capacity: 3.5 million containers
  • Almost 4 km of breakwaters
  • 1,400 m of quay
  • Over 300 ha of terminal space
  • New -18m CD shipping channel

Extension of Pointe des Grives container terminal, Martinique

Client : Grand Port Maritime de Martinique
Country : France

Date : 2012 - 2015

Services :
  • Design and construction supervision services, including roads and utilities
    2.4 ha extension of the reclamation area to the south-east, including lengthening of the sheet-pile quay by 150 m, dredging and hydraulic filling works and construction of a 530 m long rockfill protective breakwater
    9 ha extension of the reclamation area to the north, including in particular lengthening of the reinforced concrete open-piled quay by 155 m, dredging and hydraulic filling works.

The dredging works represent a volume of about 1,000,000 m3, performed by hydraulic dredging with a delivery pipe and creation of an artificial mangrove swamp.

Study for the reorganisation of activities at the port of Abidjan

(Full Business Case)
Client : Port Autonome d’Abidjan (PAA)
Country : Ivory Coast

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Assessment of the organisation of port activities,
  • Scenarios for reorganising the area under customs control.
  • Environmental and social screening
  • Traffic forecasts, analysis of the PAA'sservices
  • Technical prefeasibility study
  • Economic study

Master plan for the port of New Caledonia

Client : Port Autonome de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (PANC)
Country : France

Date : 2012 - 2013

Services :
  • Project management and assistance with decision-making
  • Assessment: analyses of traffic and activities, identification of constraints and challenges
  • Development factors: international maritime transport, regional and island coastal shipping, economic and demographic prospects of New Caledonia
  • Development prospects: traffic and activity variations and determination of needs
  • Definition and multi-criterion analysis of development scenarios
  • Determination of actions and investments, programming and planning, economic and financial profitability analysis

Extension of the eastern port at Réunion Island

Phase 2
Client : Port Réunion
Country : France (Réunion Island)

Date : 2009 - 2013

Services :
  • Design services and project supervision

Port of Safi

Client : Office National de l'Electricité (ONE)
Country : Morocco

Date : 2009 - 2012

Services :
  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary and detailed design studies, tender documents for the port works, intake and outfall

Study of traffic and requirements

Mathematical modelling of wave propagation, currents (using Telemac 3D), recirculation of heated water and sedimentological impact

Study of overall layouts and optimisation, including a study with a navigation simulator

Feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design and tender documents for the intake

Preliminary design, detailed design and tender documents for the port breakwaters and dredging

Dakar container terminal rehabilitation

430m quays, draft up to 14m
Client : Dubai Port World
Country : Senegal

Date : 2008 - 2012

Services :
  • Design services and project supervision

Study of the 2011-2035 master plan for the port of San Pedro

Client : Port Autonome de San Pedro
Country : Ivory Coast

Date : 2011 - 2012

Services :
  • Technical assessment
  • Needs analysis and study of the competitiveness of the port
  • Production of development scenarios and the associated technical studies: sedimentology, wave disturbance, navigation
  • Preliminary design and technical/economic feasibility studies for the chosen solution

Port of Cerbère

Client : Commune de Cerbère
Country : France (Pyrénées-Orientales)

Date : 2009 - 2011

Services :
  • Design services and project supervision

Port of Nador West Med

Client : Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP)
Country : Morocco

Date : 2010

Services :
  • Feasibility studies

  • Study of overall layout

  • Design services (up to preparation of tender documents) for the port structures 

Port of Mostaganem

Client : Direction des Travaux Publics (DTP) de Mostaganem
Country : Algeria

Date : 2009 - 2010

Services :
  • Feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design and tender documents for the port extension

Le Grau d'Agde fishing harbour

Client : Conseil Général de l'Hérault
Country : France (Hérault)

Date : 2008 - 2010

Services :
  • Preliminary studies
  • Preliminary design, impact assessment
  • Detailed design, tender documents, assistance with contract procedure
  • Supervision and coordination of works

Port of Sao Tomé

Client : Terminal Link (TL)
Country : Sao Tomé and Principe

Date : 2008 - 2010

Services :
  • Mathematical modelling to validate the overall layout of the terminal

Rehabilitation of the port of Antsiranana

Client : Ministère des Transports
Country : Madagascar

Date : 2006 - 2010

Services :
  • Design services and project supervision

Port of Cherbourg

Client : Ports Normands Associés (PNA) and Port de Cherbourg (PdC)
Country : France (Manche)

Date : 2009 - 2010

Services :
  • Port master plan
  • Technical expert appraisal for the 1st stage of coal transhipment

Kribi deep-water port

Client : Minsitère de l'Economie, de la Planification et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
Country : Cameroon

Date : 2009 - 2010

Services :
  • Acquisition and processing of meteorological and oceanographic data in the project area
  • Study of wave dynamics
  • Hydro-sedimentary studies

Mayumba new commercial harbour

Client : UCP
Country : Gabon

Date : 2007 - 2009

Services :
  • Economical and technical studies

Tanger-MED port complex

3 ports (Tanger Med, Tanger Ro Ro, Tanger Med II)
Client : TMSA and joint venture (Bouygues-Saïpem-Besix-Somagec-Bymaro)
Country : Morocco

Date : 2001 - 2008

Services :
  • Design services
  • Assistance to the Owner
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