Drinking water supply (distribution and management)

Artelia adopts a comprehensive approach to optimising water distribution in towns and cities, encompassing quality, health and safety, networks, leak management, efficiency and tariff structure, drawing on years of experience of pressure pipes (unsteady flow conditions, water hammer), control systems, remote management and fluid network modelling. Artelia also advises its clients impartially on the organisation of their PPP or public utility outsourcing projects and on network asset management. Artelia is designing and supervising the interconnection of drinking water systems in the Brie area to the east of Paris. Artelia is studying the feasibility of a new drinking water supply system for the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre (Malawi). In Vietnam, Artelia is assisting water companies in towns in the Mekong delta.

Interconnection of drinking water supply networks in Central Brie sector

Client : Commune de Fontenay-Trésigny
Country : France

Date : 2008 - 2015

Services :
  • Design and construction supervision services

Replacement of drinking water distribution lines (88 km) in Greater Paris Region

2013-2014 annual programmes
Client : Syndicat des Eaux d'Ile-de-France (SEDIF)
Country : France

Date : 2012 - 2014

Services :
  • Design and construction supervision
  • Additional assignments (assistance with the topographic survey, and geotechnical study)

Multi-purpose water source development in Lilongwe and Blantyre

Client : Lilongwe Water Board and Blantyre Water Board
Country : Malawi

Date : 2009 - 2012

Services :
  • Feasibility report on the 6 potential dam sites at Lilongwe and on the 12 potential dam sites and river water intake at Blantyre
  • Data sheets for each site, drawings, cost estimates
  • Preliminary Design for the sites selected

Drinking water supplies to central Morocco and OCP facilities, the Tangiers port complex, Kariat Ba Mohammed and Tan Tan

Client : ONEP
Country : Morocco

Date : 2010 - 2012

Services :
  • Lot: Technical Assistance

Replacement of lead connections in 144 communes

Val-d'Oise, Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine
Client : SEDIF (Syndicat des Eaux d'Ile-de-France)
Country : France

Date : 2008 - 2010

Services :
  • Main assignment:
    – Design services and project supervision for the replacement of lead connections
  • Additional assignments:
    – Use of alternative sheathing and casing techniques
    – Displacement of 300 metering assemblies

Drinking water supply for the Algiers urban area

Client : SEAAL (Société des Eaux et de l'Assainissement d'Alger)
Country : Algeria

Date : 2007 - 2009

Services :
  • Master plan
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