Electricity transmission and distribution

Artelia works with electricity producers, governments and multinational authorities on major distribution network interconnection and rural electrification projects. With its high-capacity modelling facilities, Artelia performs electrical network studies and supervises the construction of all types of installation (HV and MV power lines, transformer substations, remote management equipment, insulated overhead earth wires for rural distribution systems). For several years, Artelia has been contributing to the development of projects aiming to interconnect the networks of various African countries.

Interconnection of electricity networks of the ECOWAS member states

Client : West African Power Pole (WAPP)
Country : Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone

Date : 2008 - 2013

Services :
  • Network studies
  • Technical study
  • Data collection
  • System analysis
  • Preliminary Engineering Design
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training
  • Tender documents

Pumped-storage scheme in Guadeloupe

Upper and lower water intakes and protection of the lower intakes against marine conditions
Client : EDF-CIH
Country : France (Guadeloupe)

Date : 2012

Services :
  • Feasibility study

Kenya-Ouganda electrical interconnection

220 kV transmission line
Client : NBI / NELSAP-CU
Country : Kenya - Ouganda

Date : 2009 - 2012

Services :
  • Additional studies

Interconnexion of the electricity networks in Central Africa

Improvement of the energy access rate of the population
Client : Secrétariat Général de la Communauté Economique des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale (CEEAC)
Country : Countries member of the CEEAC

Date : 2007 - 2010

Services :
  • Pre-Feasibility study
  • Feasibility study
  • Comprehensive preliminary design studies
  • Tender documents

North Togo - North Benin electrical interconnexion

North supervision
Client : Communauté Electrique du Bénin (CEB)
Country : Togo and Benin

Date : 2007 - 2009

Services :
  • Preparation of CEB standards
  • Detailed design study
  • Human and physical environmental impact assesment
  • Tender documentation
  • Prequalification of applicants
  • Tender evaluation and awarding of contracts
  • Supervision of works in Benin

Interconnexion of the electricity networks in Nile Equatorial Lake countries

Client : Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
Country : Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda

Date : 2005 - 2007

Services :
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Feasibility study
  • Comprehensive preliminary design studies and preparation of bid documents
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