Environmental monitoring of works

Following on from environmental and social impact assessments, environmental management plans are now systematically rolled out during the construction or works phases of projects. Artelia has teams with the skills required to conduct environmental monitoring, whether for a road or railway line, an urban, hydropower or port development scheme, or for an oil, gas or mining project.

Development of the Strasbourg southern bypass

Second phase - Environmental project management
Client : DREAL Alsace
Country : France

Date : 2014 - 2022

Services :
  • Environmental project management
  • Environmental management of the worksite
  • Ecological monitoring of measures

Lom Pangar hydropower project

Independent environmental and social auditor
Client : Electricity Development Corporation
Country : Cameroon

Date : 2013 - 2019

Services :
  • Independent environmental and social auditor in charge of preparing quarterly monitoring reports and assessing these aspects
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