Floods and natural hazards

Flooding is a major threat to humans and infrastructure. Numerous studies have been devoted to floods, so that it is now possible anticipate them with greater certainty, take protection measures and manage crisis situations more effectively. Artelia was a pioneer in the detailed mathematical modelling of floods in urban areas and has designed innumerable protection schemes. It has extended these services to the areas of prevention and evaluation of the vulnerability of public and private property, and implementing structural and non-structural risk-reduction measures. It is frequently involved in the introduction of flood-risk prevention and disaster contingency plans and helps to set up flood warning, flood forecasting, alarm and disaster management systems as well as resilience measures in urban areas. Artelia is a major innovator in these fields.

Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike in Philippines

Client : Hyundai E&C | Samsung C&T
Country : Philippines

Date : 2015

Services :
  • Design and construction supervision services - Public-Private Partnership


  • The project involves constructing a 47 kilometre-long flood control dike carrying a six-lane highway, and reclaiming approx. 700 hectares of land for real-estate development
  • The aim of the scheme is to mitigate the impacts of floods, facilitate passenger and goods transportation, and create a new area of land for commercial and residential use

Odra River Basin Flood Protection Project (ORBFP)

Client : Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW)
Country : Poland

Date : 2009 - 2014

Services :
  • Technical support consisting in the assistance mission
  • Assistance to the IMGW in the institutional strengthening of its capacity

Propagation of submersion waves following dam or structural failure

50 sites
Client : EDF - CIH
Country : France

Date : 2010 - 2014

Services :
  • Modelling of rivers with the Mascaret software
  • Determination of wave height/flow rate/velocity/arrival time/specific gradient
  • Mapping of flooded areas
  • Estimation of number of people affected

Comprehensive study of flooding risks in the Nevers urban area (EGRIAN)

Client : Communauté d'Agglomération de Nevers
Country : France

Date : 2007 - 2013

Services :
  • Hydrological study of the Nièvre and secondary tributaries of the Loire
  • Hydraulic study by means of a 2D model of the Loire in the section running through Nevers
  • Identification of stakes, vulnerability analysis and comparison with hydraulic risks
  • Proposals and studies concerning structural and non-structural measures aimed at reducing flooding risks

Reduction of network floods vulnerability in the river Rhône catchment area

Client : DREAL Rhône-Alpes
Country : France

Date : 2005 - 2013

Services :
  • Assistance to the Owner
  • Pilot study
  • Assessment concerning the reduction of network vulnerability to flooding
  • Creation of a logo and graphical charter identifying the procedure
  • Creation of an extranet site dedicated to the project
  • Pilot study
     Assessment concerning the reduction of
    network vulnerability to flooding
     Creation of a logo and graphical charter
    identifying the procedure
     Creation of an extranet site dedicated to
    the project

Flood protection in the Gironde estuary

Creation of a flood protection reference database
Client : SMIDDEST (Syndicat Mixte pour le Développement Durable de l'Estuaire de la Gironde)
Country : France

Date : 2007 - 2012

Services :
  • Preparation of coherent and durable operational modelling and data management tools concerning the whole estuary
  • Study of an overall development plan concerning flood protection
  • Detailed studies of the plan in the local context

Hydraulic study for Valloire/Bancel

Client : Communauté de Communes Rhône Valloire
Country : France

Date : 2010 - 2012

Services :
  • Risk mapping
  • Identification of stakes
  • Consultation and achievement of consensus on the levels of protection to be provided
  • Definition and testing of development works

Flood protection along the Wadi El Harrach in Algiers

Client : Wilaya d'Alger, Direction des Ressources Hydrauliques et de l'Economie de l'Eau
Country : Algeria

Date : 2010 - 2012

Services :
  • Full project management

Flood vulnerability assessments in the river Loire catchment area

Industrial approach to reduce flood vulnerability of economic activities
Client : Etablissement Public Loire (EPL)
Country : France

Date : 2008 - 2011

Services :
  • Méthodology
  • Training of assessors
  • Determination of flooding scenarios

LGV Sud Europe

Hydraulic studies
Client : COSEA
Country : Europe

Date : 2011

Services :
  • Project management in the field of hydraulics for designing and sizing hydraulic structures crossing major valleys

Flood-risk system management at Targovishté

Fasep Bulgaria
Client : Municipality of Targovishté
Country : Bulgaria

Date : 2007 - 2008

Services :
  • Setting up of an information system for flood-risk surveillance and management
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