Governance and organisation of ethics

Artelia has set up governance bodies and an organisation that are geared to design, deploy, manage and oversee the integrity programme, prevent any risks of corruption, fraud or misconduct, and establish a culture based on ethical values within the Group.




The Ethics Committee was created in April 2011. This independent body reflects and advises upon, analyses, makes suggestions and monitors the Group’s conduct from an ethical point of view. It is made up of members appointed by the Board of Directors.


The Ethics Committee can be called upon in complete confidentiality by any Unit manager or employee concerned with an ethical issue. Our aim is to avoid leaving an employee alone when faced with an ethical issue for which there is no obvious response.




Artelia has set up a specific organisation to ensure its integrity programme is implemented throughout the Group and to provide support with regard to any ethical and integrity issues raised.

A Group Ethics and Integrity Manager was appointed in July 2015. He reports to the Group’s Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Ethics Committee for his actions.


The Ethics and Integrity Manager has the support of a decentralised network of Ethics and Integrity Managers who have been appointed in the Group’s main entities in France and around the world.


The Ethics and Integrity Managers are in charge of disseminating rules with regard to ethics and compliance with the integrity programme, and can be called upon for any practical matters concerning ethics or integrity aspects.


The Ethics and Integrity Managers can also be called upon by any entity director, employee or business partner confronted with an ethics-related issue.

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