In brief

24 April 2017

Inauguration of “La Seine Musicale” music venue, an exceptional structure in more ways than one!

Nestled on Seguin Island in Boulogne-Billancourt (in the western suburbs of Paris), the new Parisian music venue, named “Seine Musicale” (a play on the French word for stage: scène), has started welcoming its first visitors. With a surface area of 36,500 m², this complex, which has no equivalent in France, features high-level cultural facilities including a large, 6000-seat concert hall and a 1150-seat auditorium. Designed to be in harmony with the site and recall its industrial past, it also accommodates shops, exhibition spaces and landscaped gardens.


As a member of the design and construction consortium, Artelia spent four years contributing to the creation of this exceptional structure. This was an opportunity for our teams to rise up to many challenges relating not just to technical issues but also to aesthetic and architectural aspects.


From a technical standpoint, the acoustics aspects required us to rethink our design methods, in particular with regard to HVAC and air treatment in music rooms. Custom-designed solutions were proposed to meet extremely ambitious climate control objectives, involving very small temperature gradients and optimum sound levels.


From an architectural standpoint, one of the main objectives was to design technical facilities that could be incorporated seamlessly into the building’s distinctive structure. One of its key features is a large sail-shaped structure covered with photovoltaic panels that rotates around a wooden mesh in order to follow the path of the sun. Numerous work sessions were required to find the best solutions to the architects’ requirements.


This collective adventure, which unfolded behind the scenes, will now allow music to take centre stage in this exceptional setting.



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