Industrial site risks and vulnerability

Protecting industrial sites against nature's extremes (floods, storms, hurricanes, tsunami, etc.) is a key objective for both operators and authorities. An expert in studying natural phenomena and designing defences, Artelia helps industrial firms assess their vulnerability to extreme events and the impact of climate change, define adaptation strategies and ensure the safety of their critical equipment and facilities, taking "domino effects" into consideration. Artelia also participates in drawing up risk assessment and management plans.

Rehabilitation of the "Tréfileries et Laminoirs de la Méditérranée" site in Marseille

Management plan study and detailed health risk assessment
Client : Nexans (TLM)
Country : France (Bouches-du-Rhône)

Date : 1998 - 2012

Services :
  • Historical study
  • Site characterisation
  • Health risk assessment
  • Site restoration study
  • Cessation of activity documents for a permitted installation
  • Assistance to the employer for decontamination works
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