Maritime hydraulics laboratory

Artelia’s hydraulics laboratory, which is more than 10,000 m2 in surface area, has long experience of working on international projects. Wave flumes and tanks of various sizes equipped with sophisticated management and measuring systems are used for studying the hydro-sedimentary dynamics of coastal areas and estuaries (movable-bed scale models), the stability of maritime structures (breakwaters, quays), the dynamic interactions of fluids and structures, port access channels, shiphandling and ship behaviour at berth.

Safi independant power plant in Morocco

Numerical and physical model studies
Client : DAEWOO E&C
Country : Morocco

Date : 2014 - 2016

Services :

Numerical model studies:

  • Task A: Data collection and design requirements, object of the present report.
  • Task B: Wave deformation study
  • Task C: Study of calmness inside the intake breakwaters
  • Task D: Sediment transport study
  • Task E: Thermal impact and recirculation study
  • Task F: 3D numerical model study for intake structure (CFD)
  • Task G: Review of hydraulic design of intake and outfall systems

Physical model studies:

  • Task H: 2D physical model stability tests
  • Task I: 3D physical model stability and heated water dispersion tests

Study of the breakwaters protecting Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay

Client : Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Country : France

Date : 2015

Services :
  • 2D physical scale model of pressures and stability

Construction of a 2D physical scale model: measurement of pressures on a parapet wall (height: 8.5m) exposed to impulsive wave impacts and stability analysis of the artificial toe blocks (50 tonnes). This service ties in with the programme of studies instigated by the Pyrénées Atlantiques departmental council to investigate the recurring damage incurred by the breakwaters protecting Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay, Artha breakwater and Socoa breakwater. These structures are exposed to long waves with heights of up to 12.5 m (Hm0) during extreme events (100-year return periods).

Qaboos Naval Base in Oman

Client : Ministry of Defense
Country : Oman

Date : 2014 - 2015

Services :
  • Wave flume (2D) and wave tank (3D) stability, overtopping and wave disturbance studies concerning the structures protecting the new naval base:
    - the 1200 m main breakwater
    - the 600 m secondary breakwater

Specific project feature: sea bed very steep (>15%) and uneven

Tanger Med II West Platform in Morocco

Country : Morocco

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Wave tank (1:48 3D model) stability study and overtopping measurements on the platform’s ACCROPODE™ armour facing in view of its specific geometry (curved) and the join with the main breakwater

Specific project feature: waves concentrated in the connection area between the main breakwater and the platform


Port extension of Port-La Nouvelle

Client : Languedoc Roussillon Region
Country : France

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Wave flume and tank stability studies of the breakwaters protecting the port extension:
    - root of north breakwater (3D model)
    - terminal sections (2D model of the straight section of the north breakwater and 3D model of the north and south breakwaters)

Protection of harbour basins of Ajaccio

Client : CCI Ajaccio et Corse du Sud
Country : France (Corse)

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Two stability studies, one in a wave flume (2D) to develop quai Brancaléoni as a wave-damping embankment, and the second in a wave tank (3D) to study structure stability and wave disturbance in all harbour basins.

Specific project features: structure sited close to an underwater canyon (very steep bed) and with strong wave refraction at the bay entrance (90° angle to penetrate the bay)

Saadiyat cultural complex in Abu Dhabi

Platform and breakwater of the Guggenheim museum
Client : Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC)
Country : Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Wave flume (2D) and wave tank (3D) stability studies of the museum platform and detached breakwaters.
  • 2D models:
    - measurements of overtopping, pressures, forces and moments on the platform vertical facings at 1:15 scale
    - breakwater stability and wave disturbance transmission at 1:25 scale 
  • 3D 1:38 scale model of stability, wave disturbance and measurement of overtopping (detached breakwaters and platform vertical facings)

Al-Sabah viaduct in Kuwait

3D model of reclamation area protection
Client : Hyundai
Country : Kuwait

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Stability and overtopping of breakwaters protecting the viaduct reclamation areas:
    - Five 2D models of rubble-mound breakwater stability and overtopping at 1:15 scale
    - A 3D model of stability and overtopping at 1:20 scale in presence of waves with different angles of incidence
  • Scour around bridge piers: two movable-bed models with waves and currents (scales 1:20 and 1:37)

Zirku gas terminal in Abu Dhabi

Country : Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Date : 2014

Services :
  • Wave tank (3D) stability study and overtopping measurements concerning the jetty sheltering the service harbour for the future gas installations on Zirku Island

Kiyanli harbour in Turkmenistan

Client : ILK Construction
Country : Turkmenistan

Date : 2013

Services :

Construction of a harbour in the Caspian Sea comprising two breakwaters protected by ACCROPODE™ I blocks measuring 1 to 2.5 m3

  • Wave tank stability study (scale 1:39) of the main 900 m long jetty and the 350 m long secondary breakwater
  • Examination of wave disturbance inside the harbour basin

Port of Cotonou – Extension of West breakwater in Benin

Country : Bénin

Date : 2013

Services :

Structure extending the West breakwater with a facing of ACCROPODE™ II blocks up to 4 m3 with specific geometric features in
several places (bends, roundheads)

  • 3D stability and overtopping test (scale 1:41)
  • Investigation of solutions for the crest wall

Extension of Port of Constanta breakwater in Romania

Client : Van Oord
Country : Romania

Date : 2013

Services :

The model was used to study:

  • Hydraulic stability of the structure protected with ACCROPODETM II blocks of 12m3 on its straight section and 20 m3 on its roundhead
  • Overtopping rates over the new breakwater
  • Hydraulic stability of the transition between the existing breakwater protected by STABILOPODE blocks (modelled using TETRAPODE blocks) and the new structure protected on its straight section by 9 m3 ACCROPODETM II blocks

Emirates LNG Terminal in United Arab Emirates

Client : TECHNIP
Country : United Arab Emirates

Date : 2013

Services :
  • Stability and overtopping study of the LNG terminal’s 800 m long rubble-mound breakwater, and of the sea front protecting the future processing plant (structure facings comprising 2 m3 ACCROPODE™ II blocks)
    - wave flume models (2D) of the breakwater straight sections and the sea front (scale 1:43)
    - wave flume model (3D) of the entire LNG terminal
  • Measurement and analysis of wave disturbance inside the harbour

Protection of the Cape Lopez shore in Gabon

Country : Gabon

Date : 2011 - 2012

Services :
  • Collection and analysis of hydro-sedimentary and geotechnical data
  • Geotechnical investigation campaign
  • Numerical modelling of wave propagation, currents on site and changes in the coastline
  • Construction of a morphodynamic numerical model
  • Tests with a sedimentological scale model
  • Environmental impact assessment

Browse LNG carrier port in Australia

Client : SAIPEM
Country : Australia

Date : 2010 - 2011

Services :
  • Study of the main caisson breakwater using a wave flume
  • Study of the service port breakwater in a breakwater test tank

Zakum industrial islands in United Arab Emirates

Client : National Marine Dredging Company
Country : United Arab Emirates

Date : 2010 - 2011

Services :
  • Design studies (through to working design) for 4 artificial islands: dredging, geotechnical works, protection structures
  • Design studies for the port structures
  • Wave-flume and wave-tank scale model studies

Shoaiba thermal power plant in Saudi Arabia

Water intake and outfall (Capacity = 320 000 m3/h)
Client : Alstom Power Systems SA
Country : Saudi Arabia

Date : 2008 - 2009

Services :
  • Hydraulic model of the water intake and outfall structures in a channel at the edge of the reef
  • Current modelling and study of heated water recirculation using a 3D numerical model
  • Definition of oceanographic and meteorological conditions offshore and close to the outfall structure
  • 3D scale model study of the stability of the outfall channel embankments and wave-current interactions with the hydraulic operating conditions of the outfall channel
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