Numerical modelling

Artelia’s teams excel in numerical modelling. Their expertise covers information modelling tools for the design of buildings and infrastructure, technical software for all of the group’s markets, as well as economic and logisitics models.


Numerical simulation

Artelia has at its disposal a library of software for performing design calculations in the fields of civil engineering, mechanics and geotechnical engineering, and complex numerical simulations in the fields of hydrodynamics, hydraulics and the environment. These programs were developed in-house or purchased from developers.

To respond in the most suitable and reliable manner to its clients’ needs, Artelia distinguishes itself through its ability to develop leading-edge, dependable software, its skills in complex modelling strategy, and its engineers’ experience of many modelling software programs and environments.

Artelia markets certain technical programs in its fields of expertise, mainly in hydraulics, always adding significant value to the services it offers its clients through training, adaptation to new hardware configurations and assistance in using the software.  


La modélisation a toujours été une compétence forte de Sogreah


An example is the Canoe program used for hydraulics and hydrology studies in urban contexts, which Artelia has been co-developing for nearly 20 years in conjunction with the civil and environmental engineering laboratory of the INSA engineering school in Lyon.

Artelia is partner to Electricité de France with regard to the Telemac and Mascaret programs and has been assisting with their development, distribution and promotion for the past two decades. Telemac and Mascaret are used to model flows, sediment transport processes, wave disturbance and water quality in continental and maritime aquatic environments.




Artelia has also acquired expertise in 3D information modelling tools for buildings and infrastructure.


The group is developing numerical coupling of the 3D information model with the relevant simulation tools as well as interfaces with the planning and scheduling tools for building operations.


For its project assignments related to regional development and infrastructure, Artelia has at its disposal all necessary tools for mapping, analysing satellite data and visualising geographical information.


Artelia uses and develops economic and financial analysis and simulation tools adapted to projects, economic players and regions. In order to optimise the design of particular projects, the group also has at its disposal analysis and simulation tools for logistic flows (the ARENA system in particular).

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