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5 July 2017

Auxitec Ingénierie joins the Artelia Group, which confirms its place as a leading player in the industrial engineering sector and reasserts its ambition to become one of the major engineering firms in Europe

On 5 July 2017, Artelia and Auxitec Ingénierie announce their merger, marked by the acquisition by Artelia of 100% of Auxitec Ingénierie’s equity.


Through this acquisition, Artelia, which is a leading independent French engineering company in the fields of building construction, infrastructure, water and the environment, concretises its ambition to become one of the major engineering firms in Europe by becoming a major player in the industrial engineering market.


For Auxitec Ingénierie, benefiting from the backing of an international group represents a genuine opportunity to develop its business in new sectors and markets, especially in the context of the restructuring of the French industrial engineering landscape.


On the occasion of the signature of this commmitent, Benoît Clocheret, CEO of Artelia declares: “Thanks to the acquisition of Auxitec Ingénierie, we will become a benchmark engineering company in Europe, with nearly 5000 employees and a turnover of €520 million. We are now the only French player to have such a balanced blend of skills in the fields of engineering for buildings, infrastructure, water, the environment and industrial facilities. Driven by common values such as independence, proximity to clients, technical excellence or emphasis on human assets, I am convinced that this operation will quickly create a new dynamic for the two companies, generating more value for our clients and exciting prospects for our teams.”


Concerning this alliance, Pierre Michel, the CEO of Auxitec, states: “Being part of the Artelia Group is an ideal strategic business project that secures the future of our company. Joining Artelia means pursuing and diversifying our business lines, and sustaining our growth with new international development perspectives, in compliance with our core commitment to uphold independence and proximity values”.




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