Newsletter N°8 - November 2013

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24 November 2013

Sharing the value of innovative solutions

Innovation is one of Artelia's foremost concerns, not only as a means of promoting the many skills of its engineers and technicians but also to ensure the group a leading position in an...
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Artelia Maroc reorganises to join the leading engineering firms in Morocco

The merger between the two engineering firms Sogreah and Coteba became effective in 2011 and gave birth to Artelia, one of France's leading independent engineering groups. The merger between the...
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Synergy already evident following the recent acquisition of ICADE's engineering department

In early April 2013 Artelia acquired the engineering department of ICADE (part of the Caisse des Dépôts group), consisting of Arcoba, Gestec and Setrhi-Setae, thereby reinforcing its...
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Fate of immersed dredged sediment : the approach taken by the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire

Situated in the Loire estuary, Nantes Saint-Nazaire is France's major Atlantic port and the fourth most important in the country, with around 30 million tonnes of foreign trade per year. As part...
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CRISMA project: improving preparedness and management of crises linked to natural and industrial risks

CRISMA is a research and development project funded by the European Union in the framework of programme FP7-Safety to the tune of 10 million euros over a 4-year period (March 2012-August...
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Building with containers: Artelia optimises the construction of service stations for Shell

As an international specialist in the engineering of multi-site projects with solid experience in the construction sector, Artelia rose to the challenge issued by Shell: that of achieving almost...
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Meudon Green Office : Artelia participated in the construction of the first energy-plus, tertiary-sector building

In acquiring Arcoba last April, Artelia was able to consolidate its activities in a variety of fields, in particular that of energy performance. The Meudon Green Office, delivered in July 2011,...
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Smart Cities : from virtual to real

The explosion in new information technologies and their deployment in all areas of urban life lie at the heart of what many are calling the third industrial revolution. 
The expression...
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