Special Edition - December 2011

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2 January 2012

Coteba & Sogreah under the same banner

On 2 January 2012 the Artelia group will take its next big step. What more can you tell us about this?


On 30 March 2010, Coteba and Sogreah united to form a single group under the...

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Artelia Buildings & Industrial Facilities

The Buildings & Industrial Facilities sector currently has a turnover of €130 million and boasts a steady yearly increase of 3 to 4 %. This turnover includes €30 million related to works...

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Artelia Water & Environment

Artelia Water & Environment is concerned with four of the group’s nine markets (Water, Energy, Environment, and Maritime) and with two of its business lines: Engineering and Consultancy. The...

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Artelia Urban Development & Transportation

And so we come to the end of a year in which I have had the pleasure of leading Artelia’s Urban Development and Transportation sector: a year that has been entirely dedicated to laying the...

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Artelia International

The Artelia group assists its clients with their global development, whether they are institutions or major international companies, through the support of its 45 permanent entities...

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They have joined Artelia

The Artelia group is appealing. Many companies have enquired about potential merger/acquisition opportunities. Numerous projects are currently being studied or finalised. Several acquisitions have...

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