Centre of Excellence and Innovation in Oil & Gas Downstream Retail

For 20 years Artelia has been a major service provider to international oil distribution companies. The group’s project assignments in this field represent a substantial volume of business, for Artelia International in particular.

Oil & Gas retail is currently undergoing profound change. With margins being squeezed, some oil companies are adapting their business models by diversifying their service station activities and optimising their construction and operating costs. Others are pulling out of the retail distribution sector altogether and focusing on the earlier stages of production. New players are emerging on the market, such as mass retailers (supermarkets), regional independent distributors, and powerful oil companies from Russia, India, China and other emerging countries. In addition, service station networks must adapt to constantly changing environmental regulations, to the growing numbers of electric vehicles, and, with oil reserves becoming depleted, to the need to develop alternative fuels (bioethanol, natural gas, hydrogen, synthetic fuels, biodiesel, liquefied gas, etc.).


It is to anticipate these changes and take up these new challenges that Artelia developed its Fuel Retail Excellence & Innovation Centre of Excellence (ARTELIA Innofuel). The Centre’s aim is to help Artelia improve the services it provides to its clients and consolidate the group’s position in this sector by pooling its knowledge primarily of the oil industry, but also of the broader fields of engineering, sustainable development, health and safety, etc. The challenge is to boost the potential for innovation by capitalising on the experience the group has gained through implementing numerous international multi-site programmes, in which it was required to handle a wide range of technical issues including planning, flow management, value creation, cost/lead time optimisation, and progress in the area of HSSE. The Centre will also strive to disseminate best practices, acquire new knowledge, monitor sector developments and develop innovative solutions.


case studies


Challenge | Tank linging - Renovating tanks with a reduced down-time and avoiding manned tank entry

Retail sites programme management


Challenge | How to ensure HSSE compliance and reach goal zero accident on a construction project

HSSE Management System


Challenge | To reduce high risk exposure by eliminating human entry into fuel tanks 

Cleaning and inspecting underground storage tanks safely


Challenge | Major multi-site rill-out programme for Shell to implement the NGSF (New Generation Shop Format) upgrade

Shell NGSF Upgrade Programme


Challenge | Generate value to our clients through the management of multi-site retail construction programmes

Retail site programme management


Challenge | To build cost effective fuel retail sites achieving environmental certification

Sustainable development and fuel retail


Challenge | To drastically reduce risk associated with work at height during canopy assembly

Canopy assembly at ground level


Challenge | To reduce work duration and risk exposure during fuel retail building construction

Shipping container building Assembly

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