Research and Innovation Topics

80 ongoing research topics in our 9 markets


Building construction

Improving the energy performance of buildings is a major research topic. It is also a fundamental aspect of property management for which Artelia is elaborating innovative and global approaches. Developing building information models and the associated simulation tools is vital for coordinating design tasks and optimising project management assignments.




Developing tools and strategies for numerical and physical modelling continues to be one of Artelia’s key research objectives. Designing hydraulic structures and optimising their performance and safety have also led to major advances.




Preserving water quality, restoring aquatic ecosystems, studying the consequences of climate change as well as elaborating more efficient methods for taking into account environmental issues in development projects were the main areas investigated. The new needs emerging in this field require an open and flexible research policy.





Artelia has constantly stepped up its research efforts in the area of renewable energy and now boasts innovative methods, tools and technologies covering the entire field. Energy efficiency is likewise an important topic of innovation.




Artelia’s research focused on design and sizing methods for industrial installations, on environmental and risk management, and on innovative handling and lifting systems.




Research efforts concentrated on understanding and quantifying extreme marine events (storm waves and surges), ensuring the safety of port infrastructure to cope with such events, coastal protection, restoring coastal wetlands, and improving knowledge concerning the fate of sediment dredged from estuaries. Significant development was likewise achieved in marine energy and in complex numerical and physical modelling.




Heavy demands were also placed on our industrial multi-site activity in terms of innovation, with respect to both project management methods and the technological solutions to be implemented on site.




In the area of land transportation, Artelia’s research efforts concentrated mainly on dynamic regulation, traffic flow modelling and complex urban structures. Major research projects on river and maritime transportation and the associated infrastructure have been described earlier in this report.




Urban Development

Society’s demands and state-of-the-art techniques are continuously evolving in experimental spaces we call cities. The need for research and innovation is therefore both considerable and constantly changing. Since dialogue underpins effective solutions more so than in other fields, we are contributing to this research effort by closely involving our clients and partners.



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