Solid waste

Artelia deploys proven know-how in this field to help clients select processes and implement the developments that most closely match their present and future needs (reduction at source, collection service, waste collection centres, sorting centres, reuse for energy through incineration and anaerobic digestion, composting, recycling, landfill, ultimate waste storage site, etc.). As Artelia has found in numerous countries, controlling solid waste - the quantity and diversity of which is growing constantly - is inseparable from controlling waste water. It calls for a comprehensive approach to the questions of collection, sorting and recycling, and has to take into account a range of major institutional, economic and financial constraints.

Romainville Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Capacity of treatment : 450 000 t/y
Client : SYCTOM de l'agglomération de Paris
Country : France

Date : 2010 - 2015

Services :
  • Preliminary and detailed design review
  • Supervision of works
  • No-load commissioning
  • Load tests
  • Industrial commissioning
  • Follow-up of the first year of operation

Long-term strategy improving Municipal Solid Waste Management of Grand Amman

Client : Greater Amman Municipality
Country : Jordan

Date : 2010 - 2014

Services :
  • Diagnosis of the existing municipal solid waste management system
  • Development of possible options and recommendations toward the establishment of integrated and affordable municipal solid waste management system
  • Implementation arrangements for the recommended option

Rehabilitation of Mbeubeuss dumpsite in Dakar

Client : Agence de Développement Municipal (ADM)
Country : Senegal

Date : 2009 - 2011

Services :
  • Study of the redevelopment operation

Installation of buried waste collection points in Saint-Brieuc

Client : Town of Saint-Brieuc
Country : France

Date : 2011

Services :
  • Assistance to the Owner

Waste management plan in Ardèche / Drôme

Residual household waste recovery centres
Client : SYTRAD (Syndicat de Traitement des Déchets Ardèche-Drôme)
Country : France

Date : 2005 - 2011

Services :
  • Assistance to the owner
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