Urban development

Sewerage networks

With the surge in urban development, sanitation has become a major global issue that will require a great deal more effort and investment. Each town or city has specific infrastructure requirements, and Artelia uses its wastewater collection and management expertise (networks, storage basins, separate sewerage systems, leak and extraneous water management) to help clients define their individual projects. Artelia is familiar with the problems encountered in rural communities, towns and cities, and for many years has been assisting some of the world's biggest cities with their long-term sanitation projects. Lastly, Artelia also advises its clients with network asset management.

Two compensating basins, upgrading of pumping stations and associated pipes in Deauville

Client : Communauté de Communes Coeur Côte Fleurie (CCCCF)
Country : France

Date : 2010 - 2013

Services :
  • Design and construction supervision services

Management of the public sewerage service in Antibes Juan-les-Pins

Client : Ville d'Antibes Juan-les-Pins
Country : France

Date : 2010 - 2012

Services :
  • Legal, technical and financial audit of the service
  • Analysis of likely changes in the service
  • Study of scenarios concerning management methods
  • Assistance in signing an outsourcing agreement 

Transport of 8 towns' effluents and connexion to Besançon city network

Client : SYTTEAU (Syndicat Mixte de Transport et de Traitement des Eaux Usées)
Country : France

Date : 2007 - 2011

Services :
  • Assistance to the Owner

Sewerage Project of Greater Nicosia

Client : Sewerage Board of Nicosia
Country : Cyprus

Date : 2000 - 2010

Services :
  • Validation of feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and detailed design studies
  • Tender documents
  • Development of a GIS for sewerage

Paphos sewerage scheme

Phase B
Client : Sewerage Board of Paphos (SBP)
Country : Cyprus

Date : 2005 - 2010

Services :
  • Complete project coordination and management
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