Water transfer

Water transfer schemes, which are today viewed as inter-basin transfers, must meet environmental criteria. Artelia has a wealth of experience in the technical aspects of such schemes (free surface flows, unsteady flow conditions, water hammer, regulation, etc.) and has designed water transfer canals and pipelines all over the world, as well as overseen the construction of the various facilities they require (dams, pumping stations, lift stations, tunnels, surge shafts, reservoirs, etc.).

Opportunity study concerning a water supply line from the River Rhône to Alès

Client : Association pour l’émergence d’un projet commun de développement des Agglomérations d’Alès et de Nîmes
Country : France (Gard)

Date : 2011 - 2013

Services :
  • Assessment and strategic guidelines 

Pumping stations at Mesaied

Capacities: 77,000 m3/h - 15,000 m3/h
Client : QAPCO
Country : Qatar

Date : 2012

Services :
  • Feasibility study

Beni Haroun pumping station

Client : Agence Nationale des Barrages
Country : Algeria

Date : 2001 - 2008

Services :
  • Assistance in evaluating tenders from consortiums
  • Checking of working design studies
  • Technical assistance
  • Supervision of works

Uranium ore-bearing water network of Tortkuduk

Client : AREVA
Country : Kazakhstan

Date : 2006 - 2007

Services :
  • Preliminary design study
  • Detailed design studies
  • Tender documents
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